Wednesday, June 11, 2008

everyday huh?

Guess I didn't stick to the everyday thing huh? Mr. X and I have had some computer issues. I have had some family issues. Families are weird huh? Sometimes I wonder why Mr. X and I do not move away. I think I have a weird enough guilt relationship with my folks that we can't. We are going to have to watch our money, times are getting a bit rough, some rougher for others but nonetheless overall crappy.

I guess we could have it much worse. Mr. X god love him married me with A LOT of debt. We have both contributed to this over the past couple of years but I had amassed a HUGE amount prior to meeting him.

I remember when the first credit card came to my house when I was 18 I thought I was rich. In college I would get numerous credit card offers each day. It was like free money. This is the reason why I do not sleep at night. We are able to make our payments but if as in the past we have anything huge come up we are pretty screwed. Mr. X doesn't pay any of the bills so he does not fully grasp what kind of trouble we are in. I love him for this too because he always tells me "everything is going to be ok". Is it? I wonder.