Wednesday, August 6, 2008

weirdness abounds

I am kind of losing touch with many of my friends. I am not sure why. It could be the age, or that I am married or that now I am a total bitchface but it makes me wonder. In my head that Maroon 5 song is playing the wonder one.. Mr. X tells me not to worry, but alas this is what I do. I worry all of the time. I think it gets worse at night sometimes I feel like my heart is going to come out of my chest.

I am sad by the fact many people who I felt are/were my friends aren't even in my life the tiniest bit anymore. Mr. X is my best friend but sometimes girls are nice too.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

everyday huh?

Guess I didn't stick to the everyday thing huh? Mr. X and I have had some computer issues. I have had some family issues. Families are weird huh? Sometimes I wonder why Mr. X and I do not move away. I think I have a weird enough guilt relationship with my folks that we can't. We are going to have to watch our money, times are getting a bit rough, some rougher for others but nonetheless overall crappy.

I guess we could have it much worse. Mr. X god love him married me with A LOT of debt. We have both contributed to this over the past couple of years but I had amassed a HUGE amount prior to meeting him.

I remember when the first credit card came to my house when I was 18 I thought I was rich. In college I would get numerous credit card offers each day. It was like free money. This is the reason why I do not sleep at night. We are able to make our payments but if as in the past we have anything huge come up we are pretty screwed. Mr. X doesn't pay any of the bills so he does not fully grasp what kind of trouble we are in. I love him for this too because he always tells me "everything is going to be ok". Is it? I wonder.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Hello All

I have to start off by wlecoming everyone here. I am in nowheresville, america. I cannot let you know what my identity is to protect the rights of others and to also make sure no one I write about can hunt me down and kill me. (To be honest that is more the true reason). Since no one knows my identity I can feel free to be my true self, well I guess that wouldn't be 100% true since my identity is a secret huh?

I have had people in my life tell me that I shoud become a writer, or write a book. Let's call this blogging thing a trial run before I jump in to anything too soon.

I am married to a wonderful man. We don't have any kids, we both work, I am not sure how happy either of us are at our respective jobs.

I have family issues, but don't most people. I have friend issues.

I think most nights I would rather stay at home hanging with my husband than see anyone else. As lame as it is he makes me a hppier person. The unconditional love I have searched for from friends and family I have found in a man.

SO with this I say hello and goodbye until tomorrow.

from now on I will be referred to as Mrs. X ( I KNOW SO ORIGINAL) and the Hubby will be Mr. X. I will have to come up with other original names for the key players at a later date.